How to block a number on Android phones

How to block a number on Android phones

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Android phones can be awesome tools for cooperation and staying associated. But, they permit any individual who has your number to reach you whether you seek the contact or, excluding from telemarketers and other individuals you truly simply don’t have any desire to converse with. Numerous Android-phone makers incorporate tools to effortlessly incoming  call block from particular numbers.

LG Phones

Click the Phone symbol on your Home screen.

  1. Click on the three dot marks which show up in the upper right corner of the your gadgets’ screen. Choose “Call Settings” from the crop up menu that shows up. At that point click on “Call Reject” alternative and then lastly choose “Reject calls from” option from your smartphone in which call blocker is featured.
  • Toward the top right of the rundown which shows up when you click the “Reject calls from” option, there is a check box beside the content, “Private Numbers”. This is enough to  block numbers  from callers who don’t permit you to see their caller data.
  1. Click on the in addition to (+) symbol which shows up and add the number or numbers that you need to be blocked. Calls from the numbers you include won’t bring about your phone to ring, go to phone message, or appear as a missed call.
  • To permit calls from a number to contact you once more, go into Settings, then tap “Call”, “Call Reject”, lastly “Reject calls from”. On the menu that shows up, tap the garbage can image, and select the numbers you need to unblock.

Samsung Phones

  1. Click the Phone symbol on the Home screen.
  2. Choose the number you need to block, and afterward click “More” alternative in upper right corner.
  3. Click “Add to Auto-Reject List” in the menu that shows up. This totally squares calls from the number; your phone won’t right, you won’t demonstrate a missed call, they can’t leave a voice message.
  • To expel a number from the Auto-Reject List, go to Settings, tap “Call Settings”, then “All Calls”, and after that “Auto Reject”. From that point, tap “Auto reject rundown” to see and deal with the current auto-reject numbers.
  • You can likewise utilize the “Auto reject rundown” to obstruct any private/obscure numbers that attempt to call you. From the rundown, tap the left-guiding bolt at the upper left of the screen, then tap the check box next toward “Obscure”.


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