Fortnite store removed Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ Emote

Fortnite store removed Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ Emote

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Fortnite has currently remove the listing of the Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ emote due to the incident happened at the performer’s Astroworld Festival in Houston. This incident took the life of eight people and injured lots of participant.

The Official Fortnite Twitter has also confirmed that the Daily section item shop has been disabled but did not mention anything about the Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ emote.

It’s known that the ‘Daily’ section of the Item Shop has been disabled. This is intentional and the ‘Daily’ section will return with the next Item Shop refresh.

Epic Games representative declined to comment further about the connection between the removal of the Daily section and the incident. But it is most likely connected because of the timing, where the emote is released on November 7th and it is possibly to coordinate the release with the Astroworld festival.

The incident started when a densly packed crowd gushing through the stage and were crushed against each other at the Astroworld Festival. It is reported that at least eight people died and many were injured in the chaos.

Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner said that at least 25 people were transported to the hospital and 13 of them is still hospotalized and five of them are still under the age of 18 years old. It was reported that there were 50.000 tickets that were sold out at the Astroworld Festival.

The audience described that it feels like they are being squeezed in the minutes before Scott’s performance began and it became worse when his show started. One of the audience said that people just went berserk and some started getting hurt, passed out, screaming and crying.

When the rapper Travis Scott noticed that there was an abulance had entered the crowd, he immediately stops the performance.

Following the tragedy, Travis Scott said that he will refund all the ticket fees to all attendee that bought the ticket. He also will not be performing on the Festival Day N Vegas in Las Vegas.

Investigation about the incident has already begun and is lead by the Houston Police Head, Troy Finner, and his department. There are also investigation by a murder and narcotics detective saying that one of the audience injects a drug into another audience. One of the security guards on the festival also claimed that he felt an injection sensation on his neck when he is trying to hold or reach out to someone’s hand. And soon after he felt the sensation, he passed out. The Medics also found a trace of syringe injection on the guard’s neck

Investigation also shows that the death was caused by the victim was being stepped on by other audience. Some of the audience also suffered from heart attack or other medical problem.

The police is still investigating this incident for further additional information.


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