Why Your Business Needs To Have a Strong Instagram Profile

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I have spent a great deal of time with small businesses in the last 12 months, trying to improve their online presence and push for bigger brand growth and higher sales. I cannot stress enough how important social media is to small business success and whether you sell online or not, you need to be investing your time and your money into this form of marketing. I know what it is like as a small business, it can be tough to make the decision to spend money when there isn’t much around but you really need to look at this as an investment rather than a cost.

One of the most powerful social media channels which your business should be looking at, is Instagram and here is why you need to be using it for your small business.

The Numbers Speak

Instagram is the second most used of all the social media networks, second only to its big brother Facebook, in the US alone, over 2 billion minutes are spent on the site every month. In terms of spending money, a recent survey from Shopify has found that those who migrate from Instagram to their site, are the biggest spenders of all social media users and they average a spend of $65.

Chance to Invest

You can invest in Instagram to boost your profile, your visibility and your engagement numbers, all of which helps to push your brand growth and increase sales. Instagram ads are a great place to put your money and they ensure that your products appear on the screens of your target demographic. You can also look to invest in automatic Instagram likes which will give you content a strong push in the engagement stakes and make sure that more people see your stuff, and are encouraged to engage.

Visual Nature

Visual content is the most engaged-with content on the internet and that works pout perfectly when it comes to Instagram given that the site is all about visual content, accepting only photos and videos. This means that as a business, if you are able to create original and interesting content, you can find maximum engagement and traction on the content which you are putting out.

Mobile Use

Mobile internet use has recently been found by Google to be higher than desktop internet use for the first time in history. Given that Instagram is a mobile-only application, or at least in terms of being able to post and interact, this gives businesses a chance to market themselves in a highly active market with plenty of people using the application each and every day. Just think of how many people use their phones each and every day, can you really afford not to get involved in that market?

When you are putting together your online profile, forget about Instagram at your peril, it is a fantastic market place for your business.


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