General Mistakes that Everyone Makes in Indian Rummy

General Mistakes that Everyone Makes in Indian Rummy

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Indian rummy is one of the most popular card games not only in the Indian landmass, but also all over the world. People love to play rummy in social meetings as well as parties. Rummy is considered as a game of skill rather than untainted luck. A bad series of cards can be announced as a winning hand if the player makes use of his intelligence and keep patience all over the game. On the other hand, there are a few mistakes that most of the rummy players make unintentionally. Check them out and make sure you do not repeat them when you are playing rummy next time with your family and friends.

Forget to make pure sequence

Most of the people when in a hurry to announce their hand overlook to make a pure sequence. A pure is required to be made for announcing a valid hand or else the hand is regarded invalid and the player loses the game. So, the very initial thing in rummy is to make a pure sequence as soon as the cards are dealt.

Not focusing on opponents

As Rummy is a game of skill, players can expect the moves of their opponents by keeping a close eye on which cards they draw and discard. Following their moves will give you a clue to what arrangements they are looking for and how effectively can you use this detail to make your arrangements such that even if you do not win, you do not get defeated by a very big margin.

Not discarding high value cards

In rummy game, if you lose many points, you lose a big amount of money as well. It is always suggested to discard all the high value cards as soon as feasible from your hand until and unless they are making a set or sequence. Keeping high value cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack will direct you to lose more points if your opponent turns out to announce before you.

Not completely aware of rules
The primary thing a player should know is the fundamental rules of the game on how to make suitable set and how to use the Joker & cut-Joker wisely to create a non-pure set. It is always recommended to read the game rules, watch the videos on how to play rummy game and then give your best performance.

New players generally get confused when arranging their cards. They have a tendency to remove good cards in swiftness. They take additional time in organizing sets or sequences and generally lose their turn when playing online rummy. The best strategy to overcome this is to organize your cards in a good way.

Playing every hand
It has been seen mostly with the new players that they try to play every hand they are dealt with, even when they have the bad cards with them. Over-enthusiasm and overconfidence inspire them to make this type of move. While on the opposite side, they should fold these cards to decrease the damage in terms of points lost.

Game dropout

The learners of this gameplay hand out the exhilaration. They do not know the truth that they will end up losing the game if they have the bad cards or not as good as if they do not have even a single joker card. Therefore, it is always good and suggested to drop out of the game if you think that making a winning hand would be a tough task for you. It is always better than losing a lot of points.

We hope the novice as well as the expert players will try to ignore such mistakes in the prospect. Rummy is completely a game of skill and intelligence, if you do not use them you will possibly end up by losing the game.


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