A Virtual Assistant Is A Blessing For Life

A Virtual Assistant Is A Blessing For Life

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We all are aware of the term AI Personal Assistant technology, it is not new for tech-lovers. Now this technology is being integrated with existing softwares to create something different and eye opening experience for users. With the help of IPA, an individual can personalize the experience that reduces the habit of doing work with the help of finger. Yes! It is absolutely right, you can access your mobile without even touching it with the help of AI Personal Assistant technology. Apple’s Siri is one of the best examples of AI Personal Assistant, which can perform any tasks given by individuals. She is capable of performing all the task that one personal assistant can do like managing files, sending text messages, sending emails, checking the weather conditions, reminders setting and other activities. Besides all normal tasks Siri has special features which make it smarter than a human being i.e it can track stocks fluctuation timing and inform you about the latest information on the market whenever you needed without wasting time in searching the news. This is not only one software product that can perform all these tasks, there are many such AI Personal Assistant software products on the martket offered by various companies.

AI Personal Assistant is prevailing especially in business and the entertainment industry where it assists users with their daily personal and professional tasks. These days personal assistants are more than for show biz because everyone is so busy in their professional life that it is very hard for them to snatch some hours for their personal life. So AI personal assistant helps people to stay connected with their personal lives also, by sending them time to time reminders It has the capability to sense and track locations by GPS and an individual’s voice to response. Actually, Virtual Personal Assistants or AI Personal Assistants sense voice commands and take action to serve their boss or client. They use Internet connectivity to respond to client’s input in order to successfully carry out their tasks like time management, meeting scheduling, arranging live on-site visits with customers etc. There is no doubt that AI Personal Assistant is intelligent, dynamic and quick learners and they don’t need extra maintenance instead of better connectivity for functioning.

Things that show that AI Personal Assistant assist our daily life routines are:

1. AI Personal Assistant helps us in managing and sorting the work dates according to an Individual’s performance.

2. It can understand the natural language and can respond by recognizing speech

3. IPA has the best use in business, it helps in making better customer relationship by setting up a proper communication between clients and company through different means of communication.

4. IPA can work like a personal assistant, it can schedule meetings online, arrange a live chat or even send emails, you don’t need to lay your fingers on the keyword because it can type message only by recognizing your voice. For example, if you say “Search South Indian Restaurant” then IPA will look for the nearest restaurant.

5. AI Personal Assistant is also playing a lead role in events and workshops for organizing and maintaining information of the candidates that are present in the event.

6. AI Personal Assistant is also used in homes to do some basic tasks of a house like switching on and off the lights, AC, and water heater. There are many small tasks we usually do in our house but for that works you don’t need to worry because IPA will handle it gracefully. Google Home is the best and latest example of IPA for home, its voice-activated speakers help you to remind your dinner time, can help in booking dining table in some restaurant, play your favorite playlist or even translate words according to your mother tongue. Its voice interface not only makes your quotidian tasks easier but also gives you the company of human being when you are alone at your home.

From above mentioned examples we can understand the importance of AI personal assistant in our personal and professional lives as well. It is like a blessing for us that save our time and energy. If you are still living away from this technology then you must losing some great use of this technology.


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