6 Life Lessons you can learn from Poker Rules

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Poker has always been associated as a card game where you can make big fortune, earn respect, and of course there’s a great lifestyle that you could lead.

But is poker only about money, fame and a fabulous lifestyle? No, certainly not.

You could truly learn some life lessons just from a few poker rules.

Now, that seems a little intriguing. When we say rules, it has more to do with the soft aspects of the game rather than its technicalities. They leave an indelible impact on your life.

Rule 01 – Your posture speaks about you

As an unwritten poker rule, your posture matters the most while playing poker. The way you count or stack your chips, or how you hold your cards speaks volumes about your level of expertise in the game. A poker pro would be quick enough to read your posture and assess your level.

In life, your posture tells how confident you are during situations and amongst people.

Rule 02 – Play the cards you are dealt

One of the poker rules you do not get to pick your cards. You need to play sincerely and smartly with the hand dealt to you, even if they are not great cards.

Similarly, we never get to choose our cards in life too. Nonetheless, we need to play with the same sincerity and the zeal to win.

Rule 03 – Never ignore the human element

In poker you play with people. The poker rule says, the human element in the game cannot be undermined. In case of online poker, you win a game not because of the cards you are dealt but because of a strategy that your-opponent failed to gauge.

Rule 04 – Your method matters the most

Online poker or online poker strategy is all about a certain method you follow. Over a period of time, the right method will help to win more. It is a game where people do not make rational decisions always.

Life teaches us to follow a right method irrespective of the results.

Rule 05 – Be aware of your battles and decide on them

One of the poker rules says to decide on your battles – continue staying in the hand or quit. Based on the pros and cons, you need to choose to continue or quit the game.

In life too, it is important to decide if it is worth continuing in a situation/relationship.

Rule 06 – Play with an open mind

In poker, it is very important that you look at all possibilities or outcomes. Make it your poker strategy, because the more you keep your mind open, the more possibilities you explore to win.

When you confront situations in life, you need to be open and evaluate all options to make wise decisions.

Play poker – handle life situations better

Life is the best teacher you can get. It gives you the test first, and then teaches you the lesson. Poker rules may not impact you in its entirety, but could certainly help you make prudent choices in life.


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